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Diego González Rodríguez

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xmunch-atomspace  Open Source

XA allows the dynamic construction of neural and semantic networks for knowledge representation, reasoning and learning in an abstract space of atoms (vertices and edges). It intends to be a tool for helping in narrow AI, but also to be used in the implementation of cognitive architectures for the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) community.  XA implements an interface to communicate in real time with an Ubigraph server. This feature allows AI researchers and developers to visualize both declarative and procedural knowledge. With XA it is very easy to visualize both sub-symbolic representations or symbolic/semantic relations in real time, but also learning algorithms, atom-based state-machines and spreading activation. The current version includes a first social media connector and a REST API.

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chat-with-pi Open Source

An user-friendly web app to communicate with a Raspberry pi (send commands, browse directories, play with GPIO...). Oriented to education, 'chat-with-pi' allows collective learning. By using a friendly chat interface, students and professors can share knowledge and practise on a Raspberry pi. Without 'ssh' and in any platform/browser different users can share a real-time updated interface.

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DocuFast Open Source

Easy-to-use tool to PDF merge and document creation. It combines an intuitive user interface with the power of Node.js and Latex to process and merge PDF content with just some simple steps.

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Latest Work Experience

Software Engineer - Enxendra Technologies (Since 2015)

In Enxendra we develop digital signature solutions with electronic certificates, easy to use and integrate. We offer also electronic invoicing solutions and ad-hoc integrations with existing platforms, webservices and ERPs. 
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Researcher and Developer - Group of Economics and Complexity: Information, Communities and Multidisciplinary Networks (Since 2013)

Multidisciplinary research focused on information technologies, modeling P2P social dynamics, complex science and collective production of knowledge in distributed systems. Agent-based modeling and Genetic Algorithms.   
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Software Engineer - Kurento - Department of Computer Systems and Telematics at Rey Juan Carlos University (2013 - 2014)

Kurento Communicator is a private communications solution that puts in the hands of its users a tool to communicate with other users exchanging instant messages, files, photos, audio, videos. But with a key focus: privacy. Kurento Communicator is a solution that can be fully deployed on customer premises preventing any third party to access or unduly use the contents traveling among users. These contents are always under the control of the corporation, ensuring that only the participants in the conversation can access them and no third party has access to them. This project was developed within the framework of the Kurento project.

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